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T.A.D. has been operating a separate division associated with project safety since the mid 1990’s when the CDM Regulations were initially introduced, to ensure separation from the “designers” role and ensure accountability and impartiality.

Our CDM Coordinator service addresses all aspects of the CDM Regulations to ensure our clients meet their obligations and that designers and contractors fulfil their obligations.

Project Safety in the construction industry easily focuses on physical issues associated with the Design and Construction issues.  The Management aspects associated with ongoing maintenance and ultimately demolition are more difficult to address in terms of establishing a dialogue with clients.

However the experience within our practice of ‘hands on’ management of health facilities, as well as working with Estates personnel for over 20 years ensures we have a full understanding of Client’s operational needs and risk assessments.

In addition we have staff who are qualified to undertake risk assessments of existing facilities, operations or activities.

Finally we can provide advice to new or existing building occupiers on their legal obligations as employers, tenants or owners as they occupy their new premises.

As well as numerous individual projects ranging up to £10m in value we have also worked closely with a number of select clients for many years to ensure that their ongoing capital and revenue programmes are fully compliant.

This has extended our CDM Coordinator duties to include training for both designers and tradesmen on their roles and responsibilities with respect to CDM Regulations.


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